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Aspie Trainers

We support our trainers to develop skills and confidence as well as providing flexible, autism-friendly work. In turn, our trainers’ sessions promote acceptance, empathy and good practice to services and individuals that support autistic people.

We offer a range of training sessions to suit the needs of any team, organisation or individual that works with, supports or lives alongside autistic individuals.

Our trainers are all adults with an autism diagnosis but with a variety of experiences. As part of our current ASC-Forward programme we are accepting new trainers from Brighton & Hove and West Sussex who are unemployed and not in work or education.

We believe that the best people to help others understand autism, are autistic people themselves. Our trainers are supported to develop sessions that serve the joint purpose of explaining the perspective and experience of a diverse and disadvantaged group whilst also providing practical, positive advice on ways to support autistic people as individuals and as a community.


About Aspie Trainers

Aspie Trainers has a broad selection of courses from more generalised introductions to autism, to sessions focusing on particular areas of interest such as communication, meltdowns and shutdowns, and autism and women.

We are also able to design bespoke sessions to meet the specific needs of any team or organisation.

Our small central team support trainers to communicate their life experiences and understanding of their autism, alongside up-to date-research to produce informative and impactful sessions.

We work with trainers to develop their understanding of autism, confidence, presentation and facilitation skills.

An excellent, informative & well-delivered training course.  I feel my knowledge of how to accept and work with friends & public has been much enhanced by today. Thank you.

Grace, Course Attendee

Our Aspie Trainer was brilliant and helped us to understand the issues that face people on the spectrum and the best way to work in these circumstances.  I would highly recommend the training.

Ahron, Course Attendee

All my volunteers have come back to me and reported that they found it fascinating and an excellent learning experience for them all.  Mark was engaging and my volunteers all felt he was bold, interesting and fun.

Ayesha, Charity CEO

Meet James

James has been supporting the Aspie Trainers since 2016.  His role is to work alongside the Aspie Trainers team to prepare and deliver the training sessions.  He also supports them to ensure the service and the trainers continue to develop and improve.  James has a background in advocacy and education and alongside his role with Aspie Trainers works as a senior advocate for the Brighton and Hove Advocacy Service run by Impact Advocacy.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to use the contact form, give us call on 01903 730044 or email us at aspietrainers@impact-initiatives.org.uk