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We are passionate about providing advocacy with a focus on empowering and enabling  people  to speak up and live the lives they choose. We have a team of highly experienced advocates who provide one-to-one advocacy and a support self-advocacy group who influence and improve local services through active membership of the Brighton and Hove Autism Partnership Board.

Brighton and Hove (issue based advocacy)

We provide one-to-one issue based advocacy in Brighton and Hove for adults who are autistic and/or have physical or sensory impairments (including Acquired Brain Injury).  We  also support a self-advocacy group for autistic adults who live in Brighton and Hove.

West Sussex (CCP advocacy)

We provide advocacy for parents with a learning disability who are in, or at risk of being in, Childcare proceedings.

How to access our advocacy:

Please click here to access the referral form for both of the above advocacy services. You can use this form to refer yourself, or someone who you know personally or professionally for advocacy. If you would like support to complete the form please call 01903 730044 or contact advocacy@impact-initiatives.org.uk.







Our Advocates ensure that some of the most vulnerable people get the support they need. They ensure the client leads the way through the issues they are dealing with by actively listening so that they can understand the client’s situation and point of view.

Advocacy support ensures that people get the right support and can stop them from reaching a point of crisis.

The Self-Advocacy groups mainly meet monthly, with some also having weekly meetings with their group’s Supporter to plan activities and work on campaigns.

The Brighton and Hove autism self-advocacy group will support members to influence the improvement of local services as well as take part in the group’s own campaigns and work.

We get ideas and do campaigning together. We meet different people with similar problems and get our voices out in public.

Monica, Self-Advocate

You have kept me sane in some very dark times. In the last few years I have found the direct payment process isolating and overwhelming. Just having someone in my corner who knows the system, a safe space to think through my options has helped greatly.

Jonathan, Advocacy Partner

The Advocate opened doors to start sorting out the problem and it shared a lot of the pressure that my client felt. Thank you.

Ameera, Social Worker

My Advocate was very very caring and listened, not just with ears, but really understood how I was struggling. She adapted and was so brilliant with her ideas on tackling this situation. I felt safe and much better after exploring everything. Your service is outstanding. Thank you.

Jeff, Advocacy Partner


Lesley brings her skills and expertise gained over 12 years to the management and development of Impacts Advocacy services. Supported by the staff team she always ensures that the focus is on the individual and that quality services are delivered within the Advocacy Charter. Lesley also led the work to achieve the Advocacy Quality Mark.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to use the contact form, give us call on 01903 730044 or email us at advocacy@impact-initiatives.org.uk