“WASP is a bully-free zone. When you know it’s a WASP day, you know it’s going to be a good day, an awesome day!”

WASP Service User


“WASP is a bully-free zone. When you know it’s a WASP day, you know it’s going to be a good day, an awesome day!”

WASP Service User


WASP is where children who live complex and often difficult lives go to have a great time; it’s a place to forget their worries, to laugh, be loud, and have fun – alongside learning skills essential to ensuring a positive future. It is an after school club for up to 30 children a day, which provides a safe space with support of an expert staff team.

A key part of our work is raising confidence and aspirations, and ensuring achievements are recognised but – above all – ensuring the children have a good time.

In addition to being at the club, we organise visits and trips so children experience the wider world around them through activities such as swimming, apple picking and rock pooling.

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WASP provides a safe place where up to 40 children a day enjoy their free time and learn skills essential to their growth. Our team of expert and qualified play-workers work with children (including one-to-one support) to make them feel special, encourage achievement and develop social and academic skills. A key part of our work is raising expectations and ensuring achievements are recognised.

Each session has a range of activities and children move from one to another as they choose. We encourage all children to play outside for some of the session, initiating games we know they enjoy and will join in.
We provide food and drinks and encourage healthy eating, introducing foods children have not tried before and use this as an opportunity to develop social skills including when to say please and thank you or to sit with a group and eat a meal whilst interacting positively.

During the Summer holidays we provide a Play Scheme which gets children out and about, mixing with their friends whilst keeping safe. We include trips eg.to the nearby beach, and swimming pool and also further afield into the countryside or to London which for many provides completely new and positive experiences

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to use the contact form, give us call on 07919 442633 or email us at wasp@impact-initiatives.org.uk

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“I was a tearaway teen, and didn’t finish school. I was put on a course in play work and started volunteering at WASP, where they then offered me a job. Seeing the difference we make in the children’s and parents’ lives keeps me motivated. I now have a second job working with older children who are struggling to be in school. ”

Emma, WASP Staff Member

“After talking to staff at the drop ins, I am now more confident applying for jobs and attending interviews”

Kayleigh, YPC Service User

“I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t gone to Stopover. It was the first place ever I could call home and feel safe, and that someone cared about whether I came home or not.”

Chloe, Ex-Stopover Resident

“I love coming to WASP; there is always loads to eat and we never get shouted at. We have to stick to the rules and, mostly, we do. Garry always asks me if I have done well at school today”

Dan, Aged 9

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