Privacy Statement

Jul 19, 2019

Impact Initiatives takes your privacy seriously and will only use the personal information you give us to help us provide you with the best service we can.

We keep any information which is personal, or identifies a person directly or indirectly:

  • in locked filing cabinets;
  • on password-locked computers, or
  • in secure databases.

Access to these is limited to staff or volunteers who need the information. Once you stop using our services, any of your personal information we possess will be securely destroyed within two years.

If at any time you wish to see the information we hold about you, you should contact the Data Controller Caroline Ridley on 07786 759180. In addition, if you no longer wish for us to hold any of your personal information, you may withdraw your consent by talking to the Service Manager on:

  • Ageing Well: 07786 759180
  • Advocacy: 01903 730044
  • Henfield Haven: 01273 494747
  • Hop 50+: 01273 729603
  • Larches: 01273 729603
  • Stopover: 01273 603775
  • Workability: 01903 730044
  • WASP: 01273 681377
  • Workability: 01903 730044
  • YPC: 01273 887886

We will not share your information with any other organisation or service unless you have given us clear (usually written) consent to do so. The only exception to this would be if we had reason to be concerned for your safety, in which case we would contact the relevant professionals according to our safeguarding procedures.