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Stopover is a service for young women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and need a safe place to live, where they will be supported to develop so that they are prepared to move on to independent living.

Contact details

Stevie Graves, 19 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XA
Tel/Fax: 01273 603775

Stopover has five projects with a single staff team who work across the houses, giving on-going support throughout the transition to living independently. Staff support the residents to address support needs and build the life skills they need such as healthy eating, budgeting, managing drug and alcohol use, mental health issues as well as accessing education and employment which enable them to become a contributing member of the wider society. Staff also support the young women to access external services which will be of help to them.

Stopover 1
24-hour staff cover where  staff are always available to give support and advice.

Stopover 2
Office hours support with access to emergency support, if needed, where young women often move to from Stopover 1 once they are more confident and able to manage their own lives.

Stopover 3
An hour-a-week support service and a final step before moving on to independent housing.

Stopover 4 and 5
For young women and their babies.
The Mother and Baby staff team have successfully completed Ofsted recognised paediatric first aid training.

Stopover is unique in offering this route through supported housing in small properties and with support from the same staff team, which enables the young women to establish positive long-term relationships and has proven successful in supporting young women to move on  to living independently.


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‘I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t gone to Stopover. It was the first place ever I could call home and feel safe, and that someone cared about whether I came home or not. They helped me sort my life out and move on. I still call them to let them know how I am even though I moved out months ago’
Chloe, ex-Stopover resident {

How can I help?

You can support our work in many ways including volunteering, support
in kind, making a donation or fundraising for one of our services.

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